Where does Crytplex store data locally?

I am implementing Crytplex in a MacOS application. It’s vital that when the user removes the application from their system, all associated configuration and information is also removed. This includes the licences.

I can’t implement this in code in my own application, simply because the users do not run the application prior to uninstalling. Thus, I need to know where CryptLex stores local data so it can be removed manually if needed.

Hi Eloque,

On macOS the data is stored in the following directory:

/Library/Application Support/iConf/

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How about on Windows?


On Windows, the data is stored in registry key:



Hello. Where is it on Linux?

On Linux it is stored at:


Just wondering. What happens to these files if there are 2 different applications installed that are both using Cryptlex? Will they override each others licensing information?

They won’t interfere with each, and it is guaranteed.

Hi Adnan,
Is “/Library/Application Support/iConf/” still used for macOS? I do not see the iConf folder.

Hi Pat,

It is in the user specific /Library/Application Support/iConf/ directory.

Do I understand correctly that these are what LexActivator.Reset() removes (per application)?

It resets the data to garbage values for the product.

Do I understand correctly that the data at that location in the Registry pertains to all products that may be installed using Cryptlex for licensing? Meaning, it’s a bad idea to delete it per se, unless you know for sure Other People’s Products Using Cryptlex are also not on the machine? IOW, always use Reset() as a rule?

Yes, you are correct.