Activation data

there are some users required to enter credentials to activate the license every time they open the app. I am wondering why some user do that the other not and where the Activation data stored ?

Please check if the “requiredAuthentication” property is enabled for those licenses.

I checked that before and it’s not enabled.

What is the error code returned (or exception thrown) by IslLcenseGenuine() function?

I didn’t see any errors, it just asking to activate the license like the first time and keep asking for it every time. And that mainly for the new licenses only.

It depends on your code, when you ask your customers to register again.

In the beginning of the application we ask to enter the credentials if it is not licensed (by isLicensed()) or not Genuine ( by IsLicenseGenuine()).

So what is the check on IsLicenseGenuine() status codes based on which you ask the customer to provide the license key again?

it give the status code 1 before enter the credential again

IsLicenseGenuine() returns LA_FAIL only if the activation does not exist or the activation stored on the user’s machine is deleted. Somehow that data is being deleted on your customer’s machine.

Please refer to this post to know where cryptlex stores data:

it’s working in windows and I checked SOFTWARE\CLASSES\csetz and it’s already existing with keys and values but I don’t know all of this keys and values related to the licenses only or not

The keys are created (if they don’t exist with garbage values) the moment you call SetProductId() function. So mere presence doesn’t mean they were not modified.

I tried something today and it fixed the issue but I don’t know why.
The user have 2 different licenses for two products and he didn’t use or activate one product of them and when I deleted the unused one and trying to open the other one and give the credential for first time and it never asked for the credential again even after adding the deleted license of the other product.
So do you have any explain about how that fixed this problem because I have another account with same issue but he already using all products.

I am sorry but your question is not clear enough.