Allowed IP’s in float licenses


Can you give a bit more detail about how the “allowed IP addresses” field works with hosted float licenses? I’m looking of a way to restrict use of a license to within a certain network, and wondering if this would do that, and how. For example, can a range or subnet be specified, instead of a list?



In case of hosted-floating you should be restricting the public ip address, as that is what the Cryptlex server can access. So, you don’t need to specify a range, as that is usually the case with local ip addresses inside LAN.


I realize this topic is quite old, but I have an add-on question for it.

I have a user who has provided me an IPV6 formatted address that looks like:

Is that a valid format to use for the allowed IP’s field? If not, what reformatting of that would be required?

Thank you.


Hi Jason,

We already have this feature in the todo list wherein you can specify an ipnetwork instead of individual ip addresses. Most probably this feature will be available in a week or so.



Hi Jason,

This feature is available now.