Add updatedAt filter parameter to API endpoints


I have a similar issue to another thread, where I would like to periodically fetch changed data from the Web API, while minimizing unnecessary API calls.

To do this I’d like to have a parameter for updatedAt[gt] (etc, similar to how it works for createdAt today). That way it won’t be necessary to sort the entire dataset serverside and I will be able to fetch the data in a more efficient way.

Thank you for the consideration.


The updatedAt query param already supports this syntax. Can you please specify the endpoint for which you want this query param?


In testing I was not able to filter results by the updatedAt query param. For each of the below endpoints, I tested 3 calls, one unfiltered, one filtered on createdAt[gt] in the future and one filtered on updatedAt[gt] in the future.
In each of them except releases and products where createdAt filtering is not supported, I get 0 results on createdAt[gt]=2023-10-30T13:57:49Z as expected, but with updatedAt[gt]=2023-10-30T13:57:49Z I get the same number of results as unfiltered on each endpoint.

The endpoints I’m looking to apply this to are the below ones, since it’ll be very useful for change data capture.

  • v3/activations
  • v3/licenses
  • v3/activations/export
  • v3/licenses/export
  • v3/users
  • v3/products
  • v3/trial-activations
  • v3/releases
  • v3/product-versions


We will add them to our todo list. Will keep you posted.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I also realized I forgot a couple of export endpoints I wanted:

  • v3/users/export
  • v3/trial-activations/export


We have added updatedAt and createdAt query params to all the endpoints.

The endpoints I’m looking to apply this to are the below ones since it’ll be very useful for change data capture.

You can always use audit logs to track property level changes in all the resources.

Huge thanks! That’s a pretty quick turnaround. :smiley:

Also great tip about the audit logs. I’ll check those out to see if they will work for us.