Add time bounds to query parameters for activation-logs endpoint

We generate a lot of activation logs (thousands per day on some licenses). Accessing this data 100 records at a time starting from the most recent is tedious to do manually and very slow programmatically if we are trying to retrieve a slice of activity from even one week in the past. Ideally we could specify start and end datetimes as query parameters so that the record filtering can be done server-side.
For example { “start”: “2021-07-24T00:00:00Z”, “end”: “2021-07-24T23:59:59Z” } to return all activation log records for July 24 2021. Presumably this could combine with sort to pick createdAt or updatedAt as the datetime to compare. I appreciate that these filtered results would still need paginating to avoid an excessively large payload being returned.

Hi Gary,

We will add support for the same. Will keep you posted.


Thank you!


We have added two more query params createdAfter and createdBefore to the /v3/activation-logs endpoint. Since activation logs are only created and not updated, there is no point in adding sort filter on updatedAt. Sort filter already exists on createdAt.

You need to get your on-premise deployment updated to the latest version to get this update.

Hi Gary,

As we have added support for query operators these query params (createdAfter and createdBefore) are deprecated now. You can now use following instead:

createdAt[gt] and createdAt[lt]