Xcframework format

Hi Adnan,
I’m working on adding ios support to our product, which is a C++ library built with CMake linking LexActivator as a static library. But xcframework format doesn’t look like supported yet from CMake (Add support for linking to xcframeworks (#21752) · Issues · CMake / CMake · GitLab). It would be cumbersome to manually create a xcode projet to include the LexActivator xcframework library.
Is it possible to get LexActivator in a different format?

Hi Pat,

The static library should be inside the xcframework folder. You can get that and use it for static linking.

Hi Adnan,
Yes I tried this already, but I have a link error: the symbol "OBJC_CLASS$UIDevice" is unknown.
Just to make sure that there was only one symbol unknown, I added in our source file a definition for this symbol (i.e. const char * OBJC_CLASS
$_UIDevice = “”;), then I was able to build the lib. But when testing the lib, it crashes when calling the function “ActivateLicense”. So I’m really stuck for now.

Try adding UIKIt framework dependency to your project.

Guess what? It works, thanks.