Why Generate-Offline-Activation-Request' is necessary?

Actually, got confused whether GenerateOfflineActivationRequest() does something at machine level? If not why this particular method is needed for generating a response file?
Can’t we generate response file just using License key?


Yes, GenerateOfflineActivationRequest() gets some system information such as device fingerprint…etc against which the response is created. So you will have to use it in case of offline activation.


Thanks for the reply!!
So, offline activation happens only for the licence activation process. For all other related tasks we may need internet connection, right?

Also now the argument type for GenerateOfflineActivationRequest() and ActivateLicenseOffline is file path. Is there any option to make it string?

GenerateOfflineActivationRequest() generates the activation request for which no internet connection is required. Yes, other processes like generating activation response do require an internet connection. The activation response can either be generated by the admin from the cryptlex dashboard or by the end-user from the customer portal and it is possible only if the system they are using to generate the activation response has an internet connection.

The argument to both GenerateOfflineActivationRequest() and ActivateLicenseOffline() is filepath and not the content of that file.