What is the deactivation limit?


I’m using a free account set up by the company I work for to develop a licensing system for our product. I realize there’s a limited amount of concurrent activations, which we’ve worked around by regularly deleting our development activations (including an auto-deactivate which runs as part of the test suite).

Today I ran into a problem where I’ve begun to get DEACTIVATION_LIMIT_REACHED back from the API when trying to deactivate the license, and a similar error when I try to delete the activation from the web UI.

I didn’t see anything in the plans section of the account settings or shown on the pricing page about a deactivation limit - is this a licensing problem or a rate-limiting type thing? How do I find out what the deactivation limit is and how can I continue developing my licensing system without running into plan-related problems?



The license you are testing, you have allowed a fixed number of deactivations. Just edit the license and increase the value of AllowedDeactivations property.