What is access token/how to create?

I went into personal access token and it created 15 lines of text? That is a token? When I see other tokens in other products it is 1 line.

Also, I would only use tokens on my side to create a license or such via api, right? So I only need one? Because when a client check license they just use the license ID to check, no need for token.


It is telling me invalid access token but I do have:

Hello @cekvenich


It seems like your use case would need just one. In the future, if you have complicated automation, you might need more than one with granular permissions.

Ensure that in the HTTP request to the Cryptlex Web API, the Authorization header is of the format Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}. If the format of your Authorization header is correct, please show me a snippet of your code so I can understand the issue better.