What does a Product really mean?


For a product, do I need a separate product for each license policy? For example I have policies for the same release for 1, 25, 100, and unlimited users. Would I need a different product (and a different product.dat file) for each number of users? I would then need to recompile my code four different times?

Second question. When I upload the release file with the embedded product.dat file, I noticed that if I then download the product.dat file again, it’s different. Is that correct?




No, you do not need separate product for each license policy.

The unencrypted content remains the same or download a new encrypted file is created with the same content every-time.




  1. When I upload my release to your server, is it then encrypted?

  2. How do you keep an attacker from using a hex editor and removing any calls to check for the license?

  3. The public RSA key is for? Private keys are used to create signatures and public keys are used to validate them. Is the public RSA key on the product page there for APPS rather than standalone executable products or is it there for the WebAPI to authenticate the token if the policy requires authentication?



1- No, it is not encrypted.

  1. We don’t provide any protection against reverse engineering. You can use thirst party softwares like vmprotect to prevent.

  2. The public key is only used in case you are directly using web API to validate the license key in your app. You will need this if you are not using LexActivator to validate the license key. LexActivator reads public RSA key from product.dat file.