Webhook becomes inactive


We have a webhook for activation.created and activation.deleted events.
After creation it worked as expected, but stopped working after some time.
I’ve checked the web UI and discovered that the webhook became inactive (active = false).
I’ve activated it and it worked again for some time. After that it became inactive again.

What is the reason for such behavior and how to prevent the webhook from becoming inactive?
We need it constantly active, otherwise our system doesn’t work properly.


Each event is retried upto 5 times if it fails. If the total continuous failed attempts for a Webhook URL reach 50 we disable the webhook.

You have to ensure that the webhook URL you have used, is valid and available to send the success response back to Cryptlex.

Thank you!
How the retries are done, is there some delay between them, is it fixed or increases with each retry?
Is there any way to check the webhook logs to see what was the response or what was the reason of failure?

5 retries are done at an interval of 300s.

We will be providing webhook logs soon (few months) in the dashboard. You can send the webhook URL to support@cryptlex.com, so that we can have a look.