Web API to retrieve license details using 'key'

Hi Team,
Currently we are trying to fetch license details using web API. We are able to fetch using https://api.cryptlex.com:443/v3/me/licenses/{id} API. But instead of license id, we need to fetch using license key as a parameter.

Though https://api.cryptlex.com:443/v3/licenses API fetch details, if we pass ‘key’ as one of the parameter it can be achieved. But if we try using https://api.cryptlex.com:443/v3/me/licenses and pass ‘key’ no details are fetched (we trial and check in postman) result is [].

Is there any other API to fetch license details based on ‘key’ ? Since we are using this call to check updatedAt date and time.



The /v3/me/licenses doesn’t support “key” query param, but you can use “query” param itself


Hi Adnan,

Thanks for the response. But even if we use https://api.cryptlex.com:443/v3/me/licenses?query=***** corresponding result is [].

This endpoint only returns licenses belonging to the current user.