Web API create user requires role

In the docs https://api.cryptlex.com/v3/docs#operation/post/v3/users the role is not marked as required, but when you actually carry out the request, it comes back with:
{“message”:"‘role’ field is missing!",“code”:“MISSING_FIELD_VALUE”}

Is this a bug in the docs or in the API?

Can’t the ‘user’ role be a default?


Initially we supported roles property (which was required) in the user resource. Later on it was deprecated in favor of the role property as we didn’t see any benefit in allowing multiple roles for a user. To keep the API backward compatible, we added the following check:

if roles is in the payload then use roles to get the role, else if the role is present use the role else return an error that role is required.

Our docs are auto-generated so this complex logic is not supported in our docs.

Right, I see, thank you.