Warning when using compiled sample matlab code (compiled matlab code)



I want to distribute compiled matlab code. I have modified the example from https://github.com/cryptlex/lexactivator-matlab as follows:

%Loads the C library of LexActivator
sSharedLibrary = ‘LexActivator’;
if not(libisloaded(sSharedLibrary))
loadlibrary(sSharedLibrary, @LexActivator);

I also created a new script to compile the sample:

loadlibrary(‘LexActivator’,’./LexActivator.h’, ‘addheader’,’./LexStatusCodes.h’, ‘mfilename’, ‘LexActivator’);
mcc -v -m Sample.m -a ‘LexActivator.m’ -a ‘LexActivator.dll’ -a ‘LexActivator_thunk_pcwin64.dll’
zip(‘Matlab-sample’, {‘LexActivator.dll’, ‘msvcp100.dll’, ‘msvcr100.dll’, ‘Sample.exe’});

When I run it, it seems to work OK except I get the following warning:

Warning: The data type ‘FcnPtr’ used by function SetLicenseCallback does not exist.

In loadlibrary
In Sample (line 9)
Trial is valid

Do you have an insight on what I need to do to get rid of the warning?

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By ‘run it’, I mean run Sample.exe


In Lexactivator.h file you can comment out the SetLicenseCallback () function line number 158.


Thanks! That worked.