Using Web API for retrieving license update date

Hi team,
I am using{id} in postman to retrieve the license update date. I have my unique id also. I have a doubt in using my string in API call.{id: “"} is this right format to get particular license data.
I receive following error in postman
{“message”:"User license id '{id: "
*****”}'does not exist!"}

Thanks in advance,

Hi Mohanasudharsan,

The sample url will look like following:

Thanks adnan, That works for issue.

Also how to get “updatedAt” value alone (now getting entire details) for particular id using postman. Once if we get in postman, we will be able to apply in our application.

We don’t support getting specific properties only. We always return the whole result.

Thanks adnan.

Is there any way to get unique license id using LEXACTIVATOR ? We are currently using GetLicenseKey to get the key in dashboard. Like wise want to get license id for the activated license.

What is the use case for getting the license id?