Using multiple webhooks

Currently I’m creating a web app to generate and manage thousands of Cryptlex licenses.
In order to update licenses’ status from Cryptlex in real time, I created 2 webhooks for activation.created and license.updated events.
However, when deactivating and activating multiple licenses at the same time, it seems only license.updated webhook is called to my app.
Is there any behaviour in Cryptlex blocking multiple webhooks from activating at the same time?

Another problem is to create multiple webhooks for the same event.
I created 2 webhooks for license.updated for my test and production environment separately. However, only 1 webhook is activated when there is updates in licenses.

Could you look into this?


Confirming this is a bug. Will be fixed on priority.

Activation and license are different resources. So deleting an activation won’t trigger license.updated event.

Thank you for your confirmation regarding multiple webhooks for the same event.

However, as for the other question, in my case, only license.updated webhook is called when license status is updated, but when creating an activation, activation.created webhook is not called.

Yesterday, we had an issue related to webhooks, due to which events had to be dropped. Please try again, it should be working.

Thanks for the confirmation. Looks like it’s working now :smile:


This should be working now

Thanks, I try again! :grinning: