Users getting kicked out (license logging out)


After a successful key activation, users are “logged out” it seems as they need to re activate their key.

A message will come up prompting that they are not activated and must reactivate. This happens quite frequently during mobile app use, any suggestions?

Hi Steve,

What is the error code returned by IsLicenseGenuine() function. That will point is to the exact reason why it happened.

What is the license type you are using? Node-locked or hosted-floating

I am not sure if there is an error code per say… but inside the app a notification will pop up “license is deactivated please activate a license” or something to that affect… this happens quite frequently.

Forces users to revalidate the key quite often.

Using a hosted floated license.

Although plan to have a node locked option as well.

That explains why you are facing this issue. Floating licenses auto-deactivate when the app exits and lease duration is over. (as lease is not renewed)

It is happening while the app is being used… mid game / session.

What is the value of server sync interval and lease duration set for the licenses?

Not sure. How would I check? I’m not the developer but I will pass this to the developer. What would be the recommended time ? It seems to time
Out in under an hour

Server sync interval must be less than lease duration. There is no restriction on the values.

Server sync interval is 3600 seconds.

Lease duration 3630 seconds.

This seems fine, though you can increase it to 3660 if you keep the app open for many hours.

We need to know the error message returned by IsLicenseGenuine() function of LexActivator library in order to help you.

3600 seconds is one hour. How do I have it default to say 12 hours on license creation ?

That may explain the sign outs. Where do I find the value you are asking about ?

You can edit the license and increase the lease duration and to make it default for new licenses you can update the same in the license policy.

Using a very large value is not recommended. It can increase zombie license activations. If your app exits with deleting the activation, then for the time remaining in 12 hours, the activation cannot be used.