Users cant login - password not being accepted

Is it just me or is anyone else having login problems (not of the main user account of the licenced users) ? I even created a new user with a new password and it immediately rejected my login.

happening on the portal and also through the API when trying to activate a licence


The domain is only meant super-admin users. All other admins and users can only login through

The username and password get rejected when activating Licences using the api.

Are you using REST API for the license activation?

We are using dlls.
Until this is resolved we have had to open up all of our licenses and remove the locking to the user, this means Licences can get consumed by anyone who has the key and we have no idea of who that customer is. It’s creating a mess.

Email/password is actually not part of the activation process. The only information needed is a license key and the license can be linked to a user.

Only when you enable “requireAuthentication” property of the license, email and password are needed in addition to a license key to activate the license.

Can you share some code snippet, of how you have implemented this? What is the error code in the exception thrown by LexActivator?

“Enable User Lock” property of license is related the OS user not the user linked with the license, in case you missed that.

Correct, we are using “requireAuthentication” and it has been working for a long time, we have done at least 50 registrations using this method. suddenly this month it stopped working it says :“invalid username or password”. but nothing changed on the username and password.

LexActivator.SetAppVersion(sVersion) LexActivator.SetLicenseUserCredential(txtLicenceEmail.Text, txtPassword.Text)
istatus = LexActivator.ActivateLicense()

We tried replicating the issue, but it is working fine on our end.

We created a user and license in the dashboard. Linked user with the license in the dashboard and then tried activation from LexActivator and it worked fine.

Correct, we are using “requireAuthentication” and it has been working for a long time, we have done at least 50 registrations using this method.

LexActivator.SetLicenseUserCredential(txtLicenceEmail.Text, txtPassword.Text)

function only validates the user you have already created in Dashboard, it doesn’t create (register) a user.

What version did you use?

Hi dev,

We used v3.14.9 of LexActivator.

Hi dev,

You need to call LexActivator.SetLicenseUserCredential(txtLicenceEmail.Text, txtPassword.Text) after LexActivator.SetLicenseKey(txtLicenceKey.Text.Trim).