User machine keeps requesting the license


I have a user who has had his single computer require re-entering his key about 6 or so times at this point, and I have already set his fingerprint matching to loose. Is there anything you can do from your side to diagnose what might be causing this? He said that in the most recent case, it appeared to correlate with clearing the cache on his browser. PM or email me if you need specific information about his user id, log info, or anything else I can provide.

I have about 5500 keys deployed, and there are probably 2, maybe 3 users in total who have this issue, but this one is the worst, and seems to be the most random - the others all seem to be “I added a hard drive, renamed my machine, …” so those make more sense to me.


Hi Jason,

What is the error code returned? It doesn’t seem like a fingerprint issue. If the user machine is deleting the activation data on restart or re-login, then you need to call ActivateLicense() every time.

Some of our customers did report similar issues, which later on turned out to be issue with the machines removing the settings/activation data.


He just keeps getting asked for his key again, and it keeps adding his existing machine to the license. I did notice something: the user names all his machines ‘PAT-PC’. It’s not something that happens with every login or reboot as far as I’m aware, but I’ll ask.