User Activation/ Deactivation Self Service Portal


We offer 2 seats per license key and we’re hitting a growing pain with the number of users that contact us via email, etc. when their computer died, they got a new one, or anything else where we have to show them what devices are on their key and deactivate a seat at their request.

I’m wondering if the customer portal could have this same capability that the admin UI does where our users can see all their activated devices and deactivate any they want, not just for offline activation.

Is this on the roadmap at all?
How are other Cryptlex customers handling license key management in this context?



One of the ways you can deal with this issue is by mentioning in your docs that one must deactivate the license before moving to a different device. A better option is to provide Deactivate License Activation option in your app itself.

We have had many customer requests to show license activations in the customer portal. We will be implementing that within few days.


We have added support for viewing and deleting license activations from the customer portal :slight_smile:

The changes are live now.


Great addition, the ability for the user to ban hosts from activating the license and/or manual activation request approval would be great too.


The licenses are already machine locked, once used can’t be used again on a different machine. Besides, host name can be easily changed.


In the case of a floating license it can be used on as many machines as you like as long as the concurrent number of machines using the license is under the activation limit right? Of course the ban/activation request would be locked to the unique machine signature, not the host name.


Users only have read only permission as far as license is concerned. You can add ip or location restrictions for the license, but not through Customer portal, only admin dashboard.

What you are referring to is revoking a machine, we will look into this feature.


Being able to revoke a machine would be great. I guess its not on topic but It seems like the local IP of the machine is recorded in the activation log, not the external proxy IP, is that by design?


Local ip cannot be recorded. The IP address is extracted from the HTTP request, which always contains the public ip address.


Seems like the local IP is included in the HTTP request since we are using a proxy, shows the external IPv4 as well as the local IP, I’m not an expert on proxies but I think it’s not a normal NAT. One of the log entries shows the correct IP and location but the others are just my local IP and unknown location.


Would it be possible to restrict the users ability to remove an activation within the license lease duration for floating licenses? The way it works now it’s possible to duplicate license seats too easily, if someone actively sits and removes activations it gives them unlimited seats for their floating license.

I guess a license setting that allows user deactivation or not would be sufficient.


I suppose you are referring to the ability of the user to remove the activation from the portal within lease duration. You are right, this problem will also occur in node-locked and hosted floating if server sync frequency is high. But since allowed deactivations can be controlled for them it is not a big issue. For hosted-floating their is no concept of allowedDeactivations, so ability to delete must be completely restricted. Once lease is over it get’s auto-deleted.

We will update the customer portal within few days,


The customer portal has been updated.