Use of meter attributes with no internet connection


We use offline activations when our customers have restricted or no access to the internet from our application. We want to add some meter attributes, but this feature needs access to your server… Are you planning to provide an offline version of the meter attributes feature?

Many thanks,
Tiago Costa


Hi Tiago,

Meter attributes has a dependency on internet connection as they need to be updated in real-time. For example consider a license with meter attribute named channels with value 10 and allowed activation value 5.

Now suppose first machine (activation) consumes 5 channels, then only 5 channels should be available for the remaining 4 machines and this must be updated on the server in realtime, to prevent other machines from using more than 5 (remaining) channels.

To implement your use case, you should use on-premise floating licenses. That lets you implement meter attributes in an offline environment.



Hi Adnan,

Thank you for your reply. I understand your use case and why it needs internet connection. But, if you had an offline version, we could still use meter attributes on each activation independently.
Anyway, we turned to metadata attributes to get the behaviour we need.