Testing ATM offline node locked license on Linux. I tried to use License MAX ALLOWED RELEASE VERSION, but have issues with that.

If I create offline activation request (GenerateOfflineActivationRequest) with SW exceeding that limit, then when doing Offline Activation on server side to create the response I get “Offline activation failed! Error code: RELEASE_VERSION_NOT_ALLOWED” when trying to do offline activation. And this is fine.

But if I create offline activation request with old SW version, then I can activate the license with ActivateLicenseOffline even if the SW version doing that has version number exceeding the limit. Is this really meant to be like this? If that is how it works, then I guess metadata is the only option to use?


Is your old SW version using an older version of LexActivator? For this, to work you need to call SetReleaseVersion() function in your app.

We are just evaluating Cryptlex at this point. Exactly same version of LexActivator, just changing SW version for some actions to see how this works.

So for this test I have RELEASE_VERSION_NOT_ALLOWED == 6.42.00 in license

GenerateOfflineActivationRequest (offlineRequestFile)
Then Offline Activation on server side fails as mentioned.

If I do this:
Offline Activation on server side is then ok as expected
Then on Linux code using offline response:
ActivateLicenseOffline(offlineResponsFile); // returns LA_OK
IsLicenseGenuine(); // returns LA_OK

And two last lines I would NOT have expected to return LA_OK.

This is a valid issue and is already fixed in the upcoming release (to be released in a week). Maintenance policies and Max Allowed Release Version are in beta and will be stable in a week or two. Just fixing some edge cases.

Ok. Thx for this response…saving my time too as I don’t need to think whether I’m doing something wrong here.