Upgrade to V3 on desktop application


I am using Cryptlex v2.9.
My application is a desktop application.
In 2019, I plan to upgrade to Cryptlex v3.
So there is questions.

Question 1.
The following URL has csv-importer which imports the license of all users of v2 to v3.
However, my application is being used by multiple companies and they will not upgrade to a version with Cryptlex v3 at the same time. They will upgrade on a separate day for each company. Even users of the same company will upgrade on different days.
In that case, how do you recommend?

Question 2.
After May 10, 2019 I know that I can not ask questions for v2.
However, After May 10, 2019 I understand that I can ask questions for upgrade to v3.
Is this recognition correct?



You can use v2 and v3 simultaneously. The old version of your app will work for v2 and the new version will have new LexActivator v3 lib which will use v3. Exporting license keys doesn’t affect your v2 account.

Yes, you can ask questions regarding upgrade.


Thank you for your answer.
There are additional questions.

I have 3000 Activations with Cryptlex v 2.9.
When I upgrade to v3.0 and use both V 2.9 and V 3.0, I want to know if I need to pay the license fee of V 3.0 in addition to the license fee of V 2.9.

In the case of the number of my Activations, SMALL BUSINESS plan.
Do I need to pay $ 200 / month in addition to the license fee of V 2.9?


Hi Miles,

When you upgrade to v3 you only have to pay v3 fees and your v2 fees is completely discounted provided you subscribe to an equivalent v3 plan. Which plan have you subscribed to in v2?