Unexpected license expiration

We are still on an exploration/integration state using the C++ SDK. I had a PC activated with a month-long license that has expired already as of two-three days ago. I activated a new license over the expired state which activated successfully however after about 15-20 minutes application received a callback with LA_EXPIRED license status (even though license still had 364 days remaining). All following calls to IsLicenseGenuine() kept returning LA_EXPIRED however license activation stayed active on the portal.
How do I avoid this behavior?

Hi Alex,

When a license expires you need to extend/renew the license to change the expiration date. And it will work.

The issue in your case happened because the expired license was already validated and its background timer thread was already triggered on the IsLicenseGenuine() call. The callback you received was for the expired license.

To avoid this, ensure you deactivate the previous license before activating the new one or extend the existing license.