Understanding a little more, "License activation failed: 71"


After copying the example and inputting my details, I still can’t get the thing to work.
I keep getting “License activation failed: 71” I don’t know how to fix this issue and can’t find any information on it
This is my activation code:
void activate(std::string Key)
int status;
status = SetLicenseKey(Key.c_str());
std::cout << Key.c_str() << ‘\n’;
if (LA_OK != status)
printf(“Error code: %d”, (LexStatusCodes)status);

  status = ActivateLicense();
  if (LA_OK == status || LA_EXPIRED == status || LA_SUSPENDED == status)
	printf("License activated successfully: %d \n", static_cast<LexStatusCodes>(status));
	printf("License activation failed: %d \n", static_cast<LexStatusCodes>(status));



You have enabled requireAuthentication property for the license, but you are not passing user credentials before activation.