Trial License Definition

I have created a Trial License Policy for my products, but I don’t see any way to select that policy when I am creating a license.

I was able to set the Trial Policy for the product, and was then able to activate a trial. What exactly does this trial mean? If someone has activated a trial, does that mean that I should assume that all of the feature flags of the product are enabled? This doesn’t seem very flexible. What if I want different trial versions for my product, with different features enabled?


Trials and licenses are two different concepts in cryptlex, trials are by no means connected with licenses.

Feature flags, ProductVersions, meter attributes… are all related to the license and not the trials. In order to offer trials for the specific product version, you will have to use a license and link that product version to it. You can always change the product version linked with the license.

Initially, you can create a license key with the validity equal to your trial period and once the customer purchases the license you can always renew/extend the validity.