Trial deleted, but still get LA_OK status

I have set up crpytlex using node and can activate a trial license. However, if I delete it on the dashboard, I still get the LA_OK status

        var status = LexActivator.IsTrialGenuine();
        if (LexStatusCodes.LA_OK == status) {
            console.log("Trial license is activated!");

I guess this is not expected behaviour? Can anyone help?


Hi srose,

In case of Trial Activations, actions performed on the server-side are not synched with the client-side so deleting trial activation will require you to delete it locally which can be done using Reset().
This function is meant for developer testing only.

I see, thanks for the fast reply!
Is there a way to stop a trial from the server side using the Dashboard?
I feel that I can only extend it or delete it (with the effect mentioned above)

Our Pleasure, To stop a trial from the server-side using the dashboard is not possible.
You can only extend the trial from the dashboard and delete the activations so that next time you can activate the trial again.

I see, thanks for the information :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue, and calling Reset() still does not clear the trial license. I have deleted the activation through the portal, but IsTrialGenuine() still returns LA_OK.

IsTrialGenuine() returns LA_FAIL after calling Reset(), I just checked it and it’s working fine!

Note for people running into this: on top of calling Reset(), the trial also needs to be deleted from the dashboard.