Testing/Retesting a license on one computer

I have software that’s licenses are managed by Cryptlex.

I have several scenarios I want to test:

  • I want to test Registering a License for the first time
  • I want to test registering a license, having it expire, updating my software, and then trying to register using that license.
  • and so on.

I would like to test these scenarios using one license.
Where do I go, on Windows and Mac, to clear out the license data so I can continue testing my scenarios?

Is this possible without the use of a virtual machine?

Hello Richard!

You can surely test out all your scenarios without a virtual machine. We do all our internal testing for node-locked licenses on a physical machine.

You can follow the sample project for your programming language from the documentation to activate your first license.

To delete the existing license on your machine, you can call the DeactivateLicense() function in LexActivator.

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Hello Azan!
Thank you, I was able to follow the documentation and use the deactivateLicense() function to deactivate a license.

A follow up question, we were using our test license on VMs to test registration, and now we are at 5/5 activations. Is there a function to deactivate all the licenses linked to that license (or reset the activations to 0) ?

Hello Richard!

I’m glad you found what you were looking for. To delete multiple activations, I would recommend you to delete them from the dashboard or use our Web API to programmatically complete this operation. LexActivator does not have a function that deactivates all activations for a license.

Hello Azan,
Is there documentation on how to use the Web API for this purpose?

Hello Richard,
You can reference the Web API documentation to explore all that can be done with it.