Suspended Licences replaced with Expired?

I have had a suspended and revoked licence for some time for testing purposes. They are both successfully listed on my website, assuming by calls to the Cryptlex database. I have just recently converted my application to the Nuget package for Lexactivator and am testing the changed code. The revoked licence behaves as expected with ActivateLicense(), and returns the correct status. The once suspended licence, returns LA_EXPIRED. despite LA_SUSPENDED, being one of the return values (or am I looking at old documentation?).
I checked on the console, and indeed status is listed as" Expired" in the main licence view but suspended is “true” within the licence details.
There seems to be a disparity between what is seen in the console, what is returned from website calls to the Cryptlex database,what is in the licence details, and what is returned from calls to the database from the application.

Hi Vilim,

A license can be expired and suspended both at the same time, as is your usecase. The client library gives preference to the expired status code instead of suspended status code.