Suggestions Required for Cryptlex to Interface with Custom Licence Management System

Hello Everyone :hugs: ,

As I work on incorporating Cryptlex with our unique licence management system, I’m hoping the community can offer some advice. In order to maintain compliance and safeguard our intellectual property, our setup calls for a sophisticated licence management system for our software application.

We choose Cryptlex because of its versatility and strong features, but I’m running into some difficulties with the integration.

Here are some details about our configuration:

Environment: React is used for the frontend and .NET Core is used for the backend development of our application. Multiple licence kinds (trial, subscription, and permanent) are available to us, and we must smoothly handle activations, deactivations, and renewals.

API Usage: For licence generation and validation, we use the Cryptlex REST API. But I’m not totally sure how to handle licence activation and deactivation best practices, particularly when a user wants to move their licence to a new computer.

The particular difficulties I’m having are as follows:

Logic for Activation and Deactivation: How should license activation and deactivation be handled via the API? :thinking:
Is there a recommended technique for safely moving licences from one machine to another? :thinking:

Error Handling: What steps should we take in the event that the licence server is abruptly down? How can we make sure that there is as little disruption as possible betwixt our users and the software? :thinking:

Licence Renewal: How can we safely manage licence renewals via the API for subscription-based licences? Are there any typical traps that we should watch out for? :thinking:

I also check this :point_right: but didn’t get any clarification yet.

I would be very grateful for any guidance, code samples, or reference references that could assist me with these problems. Those that have successfully incorporated Cryptlex with their unique systems are of particular interest to me.

Thank You :pray: in Advance for your help and support.

Dear @smith_john

Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your plans to incorporate Cryptlex with your unique license management system. We are thrilled to hear about your integration project and are here to support you every step of the way.

We understand that you’re encountering some difficulties with the integration. To provide you with the best possible assistance and help you overcome these challenges, we would like to invite you to schedule a demo with us. During the demo, we will address all the issues you are facing.

Please visit to schedule a demo at your convenience. We look forward to assisting you and ensuring a smooth integration process for your software application.

Best Regards,
Anees Khan