Suggestion for CheckForReleaseUpdate feature

I really like the CheckForReleaseUpdate feature, but I think it could be improved significantly.

It would be nice to be able to capture the details of the new release, so that I could allow my users to decide whether an update is worth their time to download. The details necessary would be the update release version (a.b.c.d) and the release notes supplied in the release definition.

On a related note, I think it would be useful to get more information concerning the Maintenance Policy for the current license. The expiration date is useful, but if I could also tell the customer whether they have access to major and/or minor updates, I could use this information to inform the user that a new release is available, but that they will need to renew their maintenance agreement or upgrade to a higher maintenance contract to use the new features. It would also help prevent the situation where a customer downloads and installs a new version of the product, only to find out that their license isn’t valid for that version, and that they now need to downgrade and perhaps re-activate their license.

It would be fantastic if both of these changes could be implemented in LexActivator so that I don’t have to add web api capabilities to my app to access this functionality.

Combining these changes would allow me to use Cryptlex to more tightly manage releases and potentially generate increased sales of maintenance contracts.


Thanks for the feedback. We are planning to add the related functionality in LexActivator soon, to make maintenance policies more useful from LexActivator.

Will keep you posted.