Strong names assembly (C#)


Would it be possible to have signed version of the LexActivator assemblies from NuGet? My current project uses strong naming and this is a complication to introduce unsigned assemblies from NuGet.

Signed packages can easily be consumed by any projects, but signed project need signed dependencies.

Strong naming reference:


Hi Vincent,

I recommend using following:


It’s what I ended up using, yes. I’d still prefer signed sources :wink: but this works.

The latest version of LexActivator is now signed with a strong name key. So, you don’t need to disable it anymore.


I was running into issues with StrongNamer borking components that we bought that extend the VS designer. Neither I nor the vendor could figure out exactly how, but removing it fixed the designer every time - then I couldn’t use Cryptlex, since my assemblies need to be signed and strong-named (Office add-ins require it). I ended up creating a complicated workaround so I could call Cryptlex through a command line app.

FWIW, Cryptlex wasn’t the only library creating this conundrum for me, but it did cost me a lot of development time till I came up with aforementioned complicated workaround.

Glad it will help you.