Specified Expiration Date Each Month or Year


I think I know the answer to this question already, but I’ll ask it anyway.

Is there a way to set a license to expire on a specific date every month or year?

For ease of administration, licenses purchased from our company expire after one year, but always on the last day of the month in which they were purchased. If a user purchases a license on 11 November 2023 for instance, that license must expire on 30 November of each year thereafter.

If I create a policy for annual licenses and set the Validity to 365, that license will expire 365 days after it’s created or activated (e.g.: 11 November 2024). I know I can then manually Extend the license by 19 days immediately after it is created to set it to 30 November 2024, but that will have to be done via the web API (which I am trying to avoid). Even after that, Renewing the license in the dashboard still won’t work in leap years (the expiration date will become one day earlier).

Is there no easy way to Renew or Extend a license for one year or one month via the dashboard that does not require the user to calculate the number of days in the relevant month or year manually?


Hello @deonvn

With the current system, are you integrated with a payment/subscription provider?

We are currently exploring improvements to our subscription management and would love to hear about what your ideal subscription management system in Cryptlex would be capable of doing.

Hi Azan

We are currently using in-house software to manage the payments and subscriptions.

I would like to see a capability in Cryptlex whereby a license could be set to expire/renew “monthly” or “annually”.
When a “monthly” license is renewed or extended, the expiration date would be moved forward by “x” number of months (instead of “x” number of days), so the next expiration date would fall on the same day of the month, regardless of how many days are in each month. If the license expires on the last day of a month, then renewing or extending it should move the expiration date forward to the last day of the new expiration month.
When an “annual” license is renewed or extended on the other hand, the expiration date would be moved forward by “x” years, so the next expiration date would fall on the same date in the next year, regardless of how many days (365 or 366) are in each year in between.

Getting back to my question however, I see that the new Administrator Portal at https://app-next.cryptlex.com now includes a pop-up calendar which can be used to extend a license up to a specific date, which is already a big improvement.


Your feedback has been recorded. I will be in touch with you as we make progress on our improvements.

I am glad to see that you found the new Administrator Portal useful, please do let us know if you have any more feedback.