Sort query parameters

Is there any additional documentation with more details for the webapi query parameters?
For instance, with the users endpoint, I was surprised to see that using 'sort=-createdAt" was working as expected but not “sort=+createdAt”. So is there any way to get the list sorted in the opposite direction?
I was also unable to get “sort=-company” working. What should be the syntax to get the list sorted by other fields like name or company fields?


The query query param just does a contains check on few mostly used properties of the resource, it is mainly used for generic search functionality in the Dashboard.

Sort query param is only implemented for the createdAt field of all the resources. In case you need it for the company field we will get this added.

We have added support for sort on the company field. It should work now.

Yes, I saw the announcement.
That’s very good, thanks.