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I’m offering host and user locked licenses for my software product. Reading the documentation it is not clear to me if the user is allowed to launch multiple instances of the application on the licensed node. Could you please clarify? Many thanks

Hi @davide_daria,

It seems you’re interested in limiting the number of instances a user can launch. You can achieve this by using a hosted floating license with a per-instance leasing strategy. This method allows you to control the number of instances your customers can launch.

Could you also clarify whether in your question you meant that you are using a hosted floating license with the user-locked property enabled?

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Dear @ahmad-kemsan

we would like to offer to our customer a single node-locked AND user-locked license of our application. Since our application could be launched multiple times in parallel (on the same node by the same user) I was just asking if the node-locked license performs any check and if it prevents the user to run multiple parallel jobs

Many thanks

Node-locked licenses won’t prevent your users from running multiple instances of your application from the same machine. In order to restrict the number of instances you will have to use the floating license with the leasing strategy set to per-instance.

Can you confirm if the customers have active internet connection?