Shopify Integration

I’m a new/potential client. I may be moving my licenses from LimeLM over to you guys, but have some questions.

Given that Shopify is the #1 eCommerce platform in the world, I was wondering if there may be plans to make a Shopify App. You guys do have WebHooks and Zapier which is amazing, but an official Shopify App would be nice.


We have on the roadmap plans to add native integrations for popular e-commerce platforms. We will consider Shopify too. We don’t have an ETA though.

Well as long as you have Zapier, that really makes integration nice and easy. Please don’t ever remove that feature.

I did notice that if a user purchases two different products that both have serials, that only one Zap can be used for the order to create a serial. Would be good as a suggestion to allow for multiple serials or different serials per line item.

Many times finding a dev is hard and Zapier makes it easy to integrate right away.

In case you want we provide development services for integration part.

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