setReleasePublishedDate() in Matlab

We are trying to implement Maintenance Policies in Matlab.

Following this note: Maintenance Policies - Cryptlex Documentation
We added calls to SetReleaseVersion(X) and SetReleasePublishedDate(Y) to our code, where X is a string and Y is a uint32 of a POSIX time (as specified in LexActivator.h). The call to SetReleaseVersion works and the activation process completes successfully, and we can see the new activation with the specified version appearing in our Activation list. However, when we include the call to SetReleasePublishedDate, the activation fails with code 92. There was no Matlab example code for the call to SetReleasePublishedDate, so we may be doing it wrong.

We are using the latest .h and .dll files from LexActivator-Win 3.26.0.

Below is the Matlab test code that we wrote and added to the Sample.m file from lexactivator-matlab on github, latest version. When our test code is not included, the example code works and the test license activates, but when we add the code below, the library call returns status=0 but the activation fails with status 92. Are we calling the library incorrectly for this function?

% Start Matlab test code
sReleasePublishedDate = posixtime(datetime(‘yesterday’));
% output is: sReleasePublishedDate = 1.708387200000000e+09
sReleasePublishedDate_uint32 = uint32(sReleasePublishedDate);
% output is: sReleasePublishedDate_uint32 = uint32 1708387200
status = calllib(sSharedLibrary,‘SetReleasePublishedDate’,sReleasePublishedDate_uint32);
if status ~= 0
fprintf(‘Error Code: %.0f\n’,status)

Hi Warren,

Please share the license key you are trying to activate at following email: