Set a custom path for caching the licensing info


Is there a way to specify a custom path to store the following file?

for example, /var/licensing/cache.conf

I’m using the shared library with the Python interface.


Hi Hadi,

This location cannot be changed as of now. Can you state the reason, for a custom location?



I’m running it in a docker container and the home directory is not persistent by design. However, there is shared config directory mounted among multiple containers that I’d like to use.

One solution is to mount the ~/.local/share/data/bconf directory to a custom location, however this doesn’t help with the filename.

In the future, could this path be set using an argument passed to the library, or maybe an environment variable?


In case of Dockers you should use hosted-floating license type, if internet connection is available or on-premise floating license type if internet connection is not available.

These don’t require persistence of licensing info on disk.


Thanks for clarifying this.