Server problems 04.19

What’s happening with your servers? We can’t access our cabinet, and programs also can’t verify the license. Does this happen often? After the server was restarted, the response was really slow.
Problem detected - 2024.04.19 17:00~17:30 PM (Korea)


We have identified the issue which caused slow responses for some time. The fix will be deployed soon within few hours.

Still getting “Server Down” errors when trying to access the license portal. This is in the USA.

EDIT: The site, is giving 504 errors.

We are looking into the issue. Will keep you posted.

Can we get an update please? We’re at 3 hours of outage here.

Our servers are up now.

Thank you for your response. We hope the fix will be applied quickly.
Yesterday, at 17:05 Korean time, your servers were again inaccessible.

Hey :point_right:@dmkn96,

you can try this for resolving your issue: Problems with Apache servers and A LOT of httpd processes - Stack Overflow

Hope this will helpful for you.

Hey Smith,

Thanks for sharing the link. Our problem was a bit different, related to PostgreSQL.