Searching Trial License MetaData



I’m trying to search for MetaData Values in the Trial Activations area on{1234}/trial-activations
But it looks like the search does not look for MetaData values.

We would want to be able to search for meta-data because this way we will be able to locate a trial license for a particular client.



Hi Jaap,

Currently you can identify the trial using hostname and trial id only. The later can be accessed in the client using GetTrialId() function.


Thank you for your reply.

We add the client email address to the MetaData and want to search using this MetaData to find their Trial.
It is more convenient to communicate with end-users about their e-mail address, rather than asking for a scary, Sci-Fi looking TrialID. They are end-users, not programmers.

This is why I’m asking for a Feature Request:
Please expand the search capabilities to find MetaData values, not just hostname and trial ids.

That would be a great help.


Got that added to the todo list. Will keep you posted.