Salesforce does not support PATCH Callouts


Is anyone else trying to call the Update License web service from Salesforce? There is a restriction in Salesforce that prevents PATCH methods in Web Service callouts (yeah, pretty dumb, there is a long-standing enhancement request to fix this). The suggested workaround to use setHeader(‘X-HTTP-Method-Override’,‘PATCH’) gets a 405 error message from Cryptlex. Any other suggestions?




Hi Steve,

We recommend creating a proxy service which can be invoked instead of directly invoking the web API. The proxy service can use the supported method accordingly.



This goes against our requirement to not run any severs of our own. Our requirements are to run just Cryptlex and Salesforce to support our Licensing requirements. This workaround means that we now have to maintain our own servers 24/7 with the failover/testing overheads. We do not want to do this.




You don’t need to maintain a server. You can use any server-less platform like Azure Function, AWS Lambda etc. for these integration tasks