Running LexFloatServer as admin

Why is it necessary to run LexFloatServer from an admin/root account? In other licensing systems we’ve used or tried this has been stated very clearly as something you should not do, in order not have external-facing processes running with elevated privileges.

Is there a technical reason why LexFloatServer requires elevated privileges?

Hi Gary,

LexFloatServer is typically deployed as a Windows Service or Linux/macOS daemon (service). In both the cases, the process requires admin privileges.

I understand needing admin privileges to set up a service. But usually the service/daemon itself runs using an account with lower privileges: typically guest on Linux, and LOCAL SERVICE on Windows. And when you run it locally by hand, eg for testing, you can run it as yourself. I can give up the testing convenience, but running a service as root that accepts socket connections from the outside world doesn’t seem so good.

LexFloatServer requires a user (and a user directory) to activate itself and store the data. I guess guest user is not enough for that.