Revoking an offlineActivated licence

Hi guys,

as per topic. How do you remove an already activated offline licence?

Based on the github here I think I can achieve this by calling the Reset() function but it is ‘For testing purpose use only’. So I thought I will ask.

My use case is, if my customer has already activated an offline licence, and is wanting to revoke it so another licence can be applied.

What is the best way to achieve this? I guess deleting the existing one and activating is one way of doing it, or possibly by overriding it (just thought of while writing this).

Hi Samuel,

Calling GenerateOfflineDeactivationRequest() deactivates the license locally, in order to remove it from the server-side, you can either simply delete the activation from the dashboard or paste the content of the deactivation request file (generated by the above-mentioned function) in the offline deactivation section on the activation page of the dashboard.

As far as your use case is considered, you can ask your customer to create a new activation using a new license key i.e generate a new activation request using a new license key and complete the process for offline activation. You are correct, it will override the existing local activation. But you can still see the earlier activation on the dashboard until that is deleted from the dashboard.