Restrict trials for suspended or revoked licenses?

I am currently testing the trial activation and would like to have enough control to prevent trial for already existing customers that bought the product but unsubscribed (on the same machine).

I tried to suspend the license, but using reset (which I assume is similar to formatting the machine) on the client side gives the client the option to activate the trial. I wonder if there is a way to check the machine against the licenses to prevent trial if the machine is known but never used a trial.

The other option (a bit hacky) would be to activate the Trial on license purchase to store the machine in the trial pool and prevent later activation of the trial.

Any other way to do this?


The only way would be to activate the trial on license activation. Doing so will restrict the user from using the trial later. The user can only use the trial if the license was suspended before the trial period was over.