[Resolved] Authorization for lexfloatserver API

Hello everyone,

I can’t find information about authorization for this request LexFloatServer - Cryptlex Documentation.

We tried this request curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H "Authorization: Bearer " http://localhost:8090/api/floating-licenses but get “message”: “Invalid access token or API key!” response. Could you please guide me how to provide authorization for this request?

Hi @Leonid_Leshukov

To utilize this endpoint, you need to include the apiKey as a query parameter. The apiKey can be verified in the config.yml, and you have the option to set or modify this apiKey within the same config.yml file.

Example: GET /api/floating-licenses?apiKey=xxx

The API key present in the configuration serves as a safeguard to prevent other clients from accessing the endpoints in your customer’s premises, acting as a secret key for securing the endpoint. The assigned value for this key can be any arbitrary string.

Hi @ahmad-kemsan, thank you for your reply. My issue has been resolved.