Reseller portal

I am looking to set up a reseller system, where licensed users can create temporary licenses.

It is a learning app, so teachers would create a key for that class for the week, day, etc.

Is this possible? If so, can you please point me to the reference material?

Hi Steve,

We support resellers, but they can’t create license keys, you have to create them and assign to the reseller.

For your use-case I would recommend floating licenses:

The issue with this, is that students will come and go with every class, and we do not want them using the software once they leave, and thus preventing the next group of students using it.

Im wondering if there is a way for resellers to provide timed trials to students?

You can use LexFloatServer, and anyone in the class network can use the application, if you can ensure that students in the class only have access to the network where LexFloatServer is available.

For timed trials, you don’t need any license key.