Reseller Assignment

We sell our software through a combination of direct sales and a reseller network. We understand that we can create users associated with each of our resellers and enter them as a second user associated with the license. But the reseller user can only be entered by editing the license after it is created. Is there a reason that this field isn’t available when the license is created? This becomes especially important if we want to create a batch of licenses for a single reseller, because it is a pain to have to edit each one of them after the batch is created. I can see from other questions on the forum that there are others that operate in this way. Is there a better way to set the reseller user for a batch of licenses?

Once we’ve assigned a reseller to a license, it would be fantastic if we could set up an email template that would be sent to the reseller user if there is one, or to the end user if there is no reseller. The main reason for this is language translation. We’ve set up our email templates with wording in English and Italian, which covers the majority of our direct sales customers. But we have resellers around the world with customers that speak a number of different languages. Our resellers will translate license-related emails and forward them to the end customer. Out of curiosity, what will happen when an email is triggered today if there is a reseller user assigned to the license? Will they also be emailed, or only the end user?

Just to keep the license form from getting complex, we enable some fields only on update. If you use REST API then you shouldn’t face any issue.

As far as email capabilities are concerned, email templates are designed for simple use cases. Anything complex, you can use webhooks to design your flow as you want. Currently, emails are not sent to the reseller user, but you can send them emails if you are using webhooks.