Removing metadata keys


Today I’ve accidentally added the right metadata key to the wrong record. I meant to put it on a trial license record, but added it to the product record instead. My cognitive skills were temporarily reduced to that of a snail I guess.

Anyway, I thought of rectifying it by just removing the metadata key, but that turned out to be impossible. I then tried to just empty it, which was also impossible (they must have a value). Next thing to do was to create a new product record, tough it out and point everything else (license templates, licenses, keygens, product.dat in source code) to that one. But our plan only allows for 1 product at a time. Deciding to bite the bullet I tried deleting the original product record first, but I then got the warning that that would also delete all related records (trials, licenses, users, etc).

We’re still in the prerelease phase of our product, migrating from another licensing system, and have no real data in Cryptlex yet, but recreating the test licenses and updating our keygens and source code to point to the correct product ID would be a pain.

I understand that deleting metadata keys might sometimes not be a good idea, but in this case it would add a lot to the user experience. Let alone if you’d happen to make such a mistake with a live product which already had a ton of users and licenses attached…

So I guess this is a sort of feature suggestion? :slight_smile: Add the ability to delete metadata keys, perhaps with a big “Are you sure???!” prompt in between.


Hi Carl,

Deleting metadata keys support is not available. We have this on roadmap. For now you can use a space to make it appear empty.