Release Platforms


I have been using the Web API to create releases and upload files. When creating a release there is a platforms array that can be filled in, currently I fill it in with all the platforms our release supports. Then I upload release files to that release and each file could be associated with a platform but it looks like in the web API when creating a release file there is no way to set the platform that release file goes with. Also when I look at the customer portal the title of the release has the name and version and channel but also includes in parenthesis one of the platforms in the platforms array when the release was created which seems confusing because I uploaded multiple release files that work for all the platforms. Am I doing something wrong or is there something missing?


Hi Mike,

Release files don’t actually have platforms like releases. A release signifies the platforms the app supports. The platform of the release file can be easily determined by the extension of the file. So we assume the end customer knows the extension for release file for each OS.

As far as customer portal is considered, we are revamping it, so it will handle multi-platform releases in a better way. The new portal will be available in early March.