Reasons why sync might go wrong

I currently am using cryptlex LexActivator via a command line application. This command line application hooks the server sync event when the user supplies an option to tell it to do so. This then waits until the first firing of the server sync event (within 3 seconds) and based on the result of that concludes the license check process.

Unfortunately so far I am always getting back an unknown error. I will be debugging this further but wanted to ask if there is a common list of reasons such a sync might fail.

  • Bob@Apex

What is the status you get in the license callback?

I will try to capture it but perhaps i’m just plain doing it wrong. I am looping in a command line app until the license event fires, but perhaps the sleeping interval (1000 ms) is too coarse for the event to fire properly. AFAICT it is “Unknown Error” but since you strong-named the assembly I can try embedding it properly in the UX and have that be working in the background while the app is running (which I gather is how you intended for it to be used). But if there is a pattern for using it in a command-line context, it would be good to know about it.

Using the pattern of the command line is not recommended at all. I guess only in the case of PHP do we recommend that as we don’t have a wrapper available for PHP.